The Best Body Painting Art in World [Stunning]

Body art is second oldest art in the world. Its history goes back to thousands of years. This body art belongs to many tribes around the world. Many old arts vanished from the existence due to our drift for modernity. But this body art continues in stunning us with the passage of time.

Mr. Craig Tracy proves that body art still can astonish people. He crafted masterpieces of body art. He uses human models to produce this stunning body art then he takes photos of them. When you look at Mr. Tracy’s paintings, they gives you the feeling of life. You cannot distinguish the outlines of the human model and the backgrounds of the photos.
The most beautiful thing that Mr. Tracy does not plan what to draw upon the human model. He sees the human model then paints. The human model reveals its secrets for Mr. Tracy. This main cause of these real life paintings.

42 years old Mr. Tracy spent twenty years in the painting. In 2002 he started body painting then he made his New Orleans gallery in its name Which Tracy Craig Gallery. This gallery seems to be the first of its kind in the world specialized in theBody Which art.
One of his masterpieces is the leopard with butterfly. He uses his female model curves to create the nose of the leopard while he paints the eyes of the leopard on the floor. This masterpiece will take your mind from the first glance. The leopard eyes are so intense while the butterfly lies upon the leopard nose delicately. He also paints a speeding cheetah, a dazzling sunflower and others.
Many models from different countries such as Germany come to him to be part from his astonishing works. He spends nine hours in painting his models with charming colors and I can even spend two days in planning before drawing. I also take part in first organized body painting event in China. He enjoys his time while he paints. He thinks thatthe human body is the most defying and satisfying inspiration for him.

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